34J - 50 PPM Diesel

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50 PPM Diesel.

Fuel Zone 34J

The best diesel oil, in accordance with the SNSA Act 342-2016, Our Diesel possess the following qualities:

Viscosity: Maintaining proper viscosity across temperature ranges to ensure consistent lubrication.

High-Temperature Stability: Stability at elevated temperatures to prevent viscosity breakdown.

Low-Temperature Flow: Easy flow in cold climates for smooth cold starts and reduced wear.

Engine Cleanliness: Detergents and dispersants to keep engine internals clean and prevent deposits.

Wear Protection: Anti-wear additives to protect against friction and extend engine life.

Corrosion and Rust Prevention: Inhibitors to protect against corrosion and rust, enhancing durability.

Oxidation Resistance: Resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation for prolonged performance.

Compatibility with Emissions Systems: Compatibility with emissions control systems to prevent system failures.

Fuel Economy: Formulation to reduce friction and improve engine efficiency for better fuel economy.

Manufacturer Recommendations: Meeting or exceeding specifications recommended by engine manufacturers.

These qualities ensure optimal performance, protection, and longevity for diesel engines, aligning with the standards set forth in the SNSA Act 342-2016.

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