Support Policy Page

Vendor Support Policy for Afrigenius Commodities Platform


The purpose of this support policy is to outline the IT support process for vendors operating on the Afrigenius Commodities Platform. This policy aims to ensure efficient and effective resolution of IT-related issues to minimize disruptions to vendor operations and enhance their overall experience on the platform.


This policy applies to all vendors registered on the Afrigenius Commodities Platform who require IT support for issues related to platform access, functionality, and performance.

Support Channels:

Vendors can access IT support through the following channels:

Online Support Portal: Vendors can submit support tickets through the online support portal available on the Afrigenius Commodities Platform website. They will receive a ticket number upon submission, which they can use to track the progress of their support request.

Email Support: Vendors can also email their support queries to A support ticket will be automatically generated, and vendors will receive updates via email.

Phone Support: For urgent issues or immediate assistance, vendors can contact our dedicated support team at the provided phone number during business hours.

Support Hours:

IT support services are available during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+1)

Excluding weekends and public holidays

Support Response Time:

Our goal is to respond to all support inquiries within 24 hours of receipt during regular business hours. For urgent issues, we aim to provide a response within 4 hours.

Issue Escalation:

If a vendor's issue is not resolved satisfactorily within the agreed timeframe or if they require escalation, they can request escalation through any of the support channels mentioned above. Escalated issues will be prioritized accordingly, and vendors will receive updates on the progress.

Issue Resolution:

Our support team will work diligently to resolve all reported issues in a timely manner. The resolution time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue. Vendors will be kept informed of the progress and status of their support tickets throughout the resolution process.

Feedback and Follow-up:

After the resolution of an issue, vendors will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their support experience. We value vendor feedback as it helps us continuously improve our support services. Additionally, our support team may follow up with vendors to ensure that the issue has been satisfactorily resolved and to address any further questions or concerns.

Policy Review:

This support policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Any updates or revisions to the policy will be communicated to vendors in a timely manner.


By adhering to this support policy, we aim to provide vendors with the assistance they need to navigate and utilize the Afrigenius Commodities Platform effectively. Our support team is committed to delivering prompt, professional, and courteous service to ensure a seamless experience for all vendors.

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